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Lester 7750ND320
Lester 7750ND320a
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Lester 7750ND320 Lester 7750ND320(a) Lester 7750ND320(b) Lester 7750ND320(c)

320AMP PurePower Hairpin High Output Alternator Ford Trucks 1991-2003

Regular Price: $480.00
Sale Price $369.00


Black Satin Texture, $89.00

Cheater Blue, $89.00

Hot Yellow, $89.00

Illusion Cherry, $89.00

Illusion Lime Time, $89.00

Illusion Orange, $89.00

Illusion Purple, $89.00

Illusion Red, $89.00

Illusion Royal, $89.00

Neon Green, $89.00

Neon Yellow, $89.00

Passion Pink, $89.00

High Amp Wire Kit $69.99
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Pure Power Series

  • The highest charging output, at idle, in the industry
  • Amazing heat dissipation
  • Durable 6phase Hairpin stator technology
  • 12 70 amp avalanche diodes for durability
  • OEM SKF high heat bearings
  • OEM brushes and brush holder for extreme long life
  • Every alternator is endurance tested on the most advanced dyno tester in the industry, DV Electronics/Alt-98, to ensure the correct performance specs and durability.

Mounting type
Direct OEM Replacement
Output Voltage
Stator configuration
6 Phase Hairpin
320 AMPS
Pulley type
6 Groove Steel
12 70 amp press fit diodes
Rectifier heatsink
Battery terminal size
8MM X 1.25 Copper
24 Months Repair Warranty

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